Not bad. Not bad at all.


2007_05_15_7skyblast.jpgNow I've never been one to knock the cheapest basic figures that Hasbro produces.

In fact, out of Superlink/Energon the basics are actually superior to the majority of the line for me.

And while I wasn't a fan of the Energon combiners, I did like the individual basics and 2 out of 3 of the "main" combiner parts.

That said, Energon and Cybertron basics are being repainted to fill the lowest price-point void in the movie line, under the Sector 7 branding or some shit.

I'm actually more impressed with these Sector 7 repaints than some of the original line version.

I love this new Sklyblast and I even love the metallic blue repaint of the Arcee that's coming out.

Alas, this Clocker repaint is kind of disappointing. I think it is the blue and grey combination. It is the same kind of palette that made my find Alternator Camshaft not worth opening.

Then again, I love the 2 Botcon repaints/retools of Clocker so that could have something to do with it too.

I wonder if they'll just do the basics and not try and fit some of the combiner parts into this Sector 7 thing.

There's no reason why not to release them in good colors. They don't have to have the combiner gimmick to be good figures.

Skyblast... you are definitely going to be mine though!


Skyblast remains my favorite Energon toy.

But again, he's no Taxara.

And it's hard for me to look at another Clocker when I already have the wykkyd awsum Cheetor. (And thanks again for that.) I didn't even buy Alpha Swerve. I should get on trying to find that Police Gasket, tho. I loved that mold for some reason.


The Energon and Cybertron basics were good stuff, indeed. As for Clocker, I like this redeco better than the original, which I passed up in favor of Swerve, and here's part of the reason why: not only does this Clocker still have the stylized menorah atop his rear engine-gun-chunk, he is painted in blue and silver. Hanukkah color scheme!

"Quick, Jewboy! To the Shlepmobile!"
"Oy gewahlt, Batmensch!"

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox

I'm just a sucker for Energon weapons. I love the smokey shade that most of these ones appear to have. It just too bad that we probably won't get any of the Predacons from Energon.

I like skyblast but he always seemed to me like he was missing something. What are those claws for, exactly? He seems like he should combine or something, yet he doesn't. If he could latch under energon jetfire's nosecone he could actually improve that toy tremendously.

The combiner basics, particularly both aerialbots, the helicopter and the bulldozer, are some of the best basics ever.

Wow, who knew we'd be sitting back reminiscing about energon someday?

The only point I ever saw in the claws was balancing him with the huge nosegun/spear shaft attached. Besides, they keep his legs from being too bland on the sides in robot mode.

Alex said: The combiner basics, particularly both aerialbots, the helicopter and the bulldozer, are some of the best basics ever.

I agree completely, they are great!

Skyblast wasn't half bad either ... I may get the repaint too!

I have to love the more subdued colourschemes they've got going for these guys (if we can call bright metallic blue "subdued")... This is what Hasbro has needed on their little guys for a while, paint that doesn't irradiate the retinas.

Having said that though, I wish they had taken the opportunity to retool these guys with a more coherent gimmick (energon weapons *and* cyberkeys?)

Still... between these and the Real Gear robots, the coming summer isn't looking half bad. Shame it doesn't extend to the top of the line...

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