Wow! Clitoral Stimulator Galvatron!!! WooHoo!


I was just thinking.

I know there's a lot of collectors who like the new movie toys.

I don't think there's as many of them as there are people who like the Classics line but on the whole, a lot of the bitching has now quieted down since the crack-du-jour will be hitting shelves soon and addicts need their fix.

However, I'm wondering what Botcon 2008 will be like because odds are the movie toys will be the source of repaints for next year.

While there's been all kinds of bruhahah over this year's Seeker repaints I just don't see how much excitement will be generated next year over repaints.

And with Hasbro already repainting the flick figs into homages of their old school color palettes, that can't even be done for the Botcon set.

There are so few actual figures being released in this line there won't be much choice so I could even see FP doing fewer figures but doing the larger ones even.

That is unless Hasbro does release the regurgitated Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, Nemesis Prime, Cliffjumper, etc. from these in the main release line.

I can't see collectors going to Botcon giving a shit about the real gimmicky iterations at the different price points either. That could never justify the cost of a Primus package and certain for a non-attending package.

I'm actually excited for next year to see what FP can come up with that doesn't devolve into massive bitching and whining after the previous 2 years rather outstanding work.

And no, I don't think the Real Gear stuff would work but I could be wrong. You've at least got a G1 Reflector homage in there. The others could be new characters completely.

There are the Binaltech/Alternator molds though.

Oh future... what do you hold...


To be honest the only figures i can see myself picking up from the movie line is the leader class Optimus Prime because no matter what crappy cartoon he's come from (Yes, i'm looking at you Armada/Energon/Cybertron) i've always picked up Prime and possibly some of the Real Gear stuff...

Some of the others i *may* pick up if the addiction gets too strong and i have spare pounds in my pocket...

As for Classics, i would have preferred to have seen it continue through the movie line and beyond because there's so many G1 characters that could have been given the Classics treatment...

Talking of that though. What G1 figures would people have wanted to see converted into Classics ?

How about seeing Springer get a triple-changing Classics iteration to go head to head with Astrotrain?

And I've said this before, but I can't stress it enough - considering the number of repaints these guys have had, it's about time they got some new molds. When are we going to see Classics / MasterPiece Bruticus already? :)

(Seriously though, Energon Bruticus Maximus doesn't count by virtue of being, inadvertently, crap.)

Personally I think Energon Barricade rocks! He's so much better than the other two "bodies" whatever the hell their names are. (I can't remember. I choose not to remember.)

Well honestly I think teh movie line is going to be very temporary a la the Classics. I mean they can only stretch a line so far with nothing more than a single 2.5 hours movie and a video game to bases toys from.

Also the "G1 Homage recolors" of Starscream (actually it was a recolor of Thundercracker) and Ratchet are not confirmed. There is a good possibility those will never see light of day.

The new cartoon is set to come out soon, its very possible that toys will be cased off that and next years botcon set will come from them.


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