There is nothing to transform.


Wow. I haven't bought or received a Transformer since April 30.

That's 10 days!

Almost healthy!


You must go to Wal-Mart and buy a pegwarmer RIGHT NOW!

You will receive your 10 day chip at your next meeting. It does not transform into anything.

Alas, I am competing with other geeks at the LCS (that's Local Comic Shop) to grab all the new Who stuff. Apparently, there can be only one! (of each)

In the search for Alt. Ravage/Rumble (and still coming up with nothing), I saw the movie protoforms...I was jonesing to burn some money and had thought that maybe I should just pick 'em up.

In that moment of weakness, I stared into the alien faces of Prime and Starscream (which I'm not really interested in).

I took a breath. Put them back, and walked away.

However, the next day I bought those minibot keychains that were, for some reason, recently stocked at a Wal-mart I went to.

:cries softly:

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