Mister Mind needed his spectacles. Period!

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2007_05_09_mind_old.gifDamn! Even Grant Morrison wanted to write Mister Mind's metamorphosis closer to what I thought should have happened!!!

...although I originally wanted Mister Mind to metamorphose into a goofy-looking little butterfly wearing glasses. I thought it would be scarier if this tiny, supremely evil creature could do absolutely anything but I was overruled on the grounds that our lead characters wouldn't look very cool running from an angry Red Admiral with a two-inch wingspan.
For those of you who don't know who Mister Mind is, he's a small Venusian super-intelligent worm who first appeared in 1943 to plague Captain Marvel (the real one).

He's been revamped over the past 20 years to modernize him and on the whole, he just never reached the heights of evil that he had in the 40s.

Let's face facts... there is absolutely nothing wrong with a small 3" worm wearing spectacles being one of the most awesome personifications of evil villainy ever!!!

2007_05_09_mind_new.jpgNow in 52 #52 Mister Mind finally transforms from his worm form and it is into this hideously monstrous moth creature.

Fine. That's OK.

But damn! Why did the powers that be not see how much more frightening it would be if this hideously monstrous moth creature also happened to be totally near-sighted and needed glasses!!!



Comics. The other love-hate geeking of my life.

Morrison does unveil some threads that didn't get into 52 that will appear in the future and I am waiting on them now! Grrrr!

The same pitch also introduced two new Japanese pop-culture inspired superteams - the venerable monster-huntin' crew of Big Science Action and the Super Young Team (whose members include Most Excellent SuperBat, Big Atomic Lantern Boy and Shy Crazy Lolita Canary) - both of which will appear in my next big DCU project in 2008...

The idea behind the Megaverse is to basically create a number of big new franchise possibilities. It's like having several comics companies and universes under one umbrella, so, as I say, there could be one book or a whole line of books spinning out of the new Earth 10 (I handled that particular revamp, so I can tell you that the original concept of the Freedom Fighters on a world where the Nazis won World War 2 has been greatly reconsidered, expanded and intensified into something that's a bit more Wagnerian and apocalyptic and a bit more adult) That's how I'd like to see the Megaverse played out as we move forward. And no crossovers! Each of the parallel universes should exist in its own separate stream with no contact from the others - not until we have a story worthy of bringing them together.

I am so there!

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Looking at Mister Mind's evolved form, why does it remind me of a Bondage Fairies comic gone even more horribly wrong?

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