Will that old tried and true Galvatron repaint appear?


I think it is utterly hilarious that it is practically impossible for any surprises to come out for TF toys anymore.

There's still the "is it or is it not" question regarding that Botcon Alpha Trion but on the whole, the internets have totally destroyed toy (and other geek) surprises.

Case in point: the inevitable repaints of movie toys, this time in G1-inspired color schemes.

So far we got a more ambulancey Ratchet and a G1-ish Starscream with the Thundercracker head.

This will probably be the Ratchet I buy if I buy any at all.

I like the alt mode done up in the white and red far better than the yellow original one.

The Starscream does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever and for a second I thought it was just the Energon Starscream repaint based on the thumbnail.


They can paint those movie figures whatever colors they want and they will still look pretty ugly. The real gear figures are much more to my tastes on how I see transformers. I like the clunkiness of the toys. Trying to reproduce the robots that will be in the movie in a $10 - $20 toy just doesn't work.

The Ratchet isn't all that bad, especially in those colors, but damn...that Starscream....its just bad, really really bad...

I prefer the colours of the original Ratchet, but weirdly, this one actually looks worse to me. Maybe it's harder to see the ugly when one is being blinded by emergency service yellow?

And in defence of the Starscream, although equally ugly as sin, he does appear to be rather badly mistransformed. Additionally; we've all been lead to believe that he was getting that round insect-head; but could it be that they decided to redevelop his noggin after all the poor feedback?

I know, I know, a tiny ray of light in a cavern of despair... *emo emo emo*

I think I like the yellow movie ratchet better ... dunno why.

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