Why is this "character" popular?


2007_05_03_dreadwing.jpg So the final Botcon set figure Dreadwing has been revealed and as expected, it is a repainted and slightly head-retooled Classics Jetfire.

I'm no fan of this year's set.

It isn't because of FP's attempts here, I suppose I just don't give a shit about these characters.

I'm not a die-hard G1 purist at all so I can take or leave G1-inspired characters.

Dreadwing here is pretty much a non-entity to me as a character so there's absolutely nothing fiction-wise to excite me. He's just a grey toy repaint that could have been named anything.

If TF Universe was still around as a line we'd probably get a more garishly painted Jetfire repaint so I suppose the more subdued Botcon palette should be applauded here.

I suppose the apparent love some TF geeks have for the Dreadwing character comes from the Marvel US or UK comics which I just can't read for more than a few minutes.

Oh well.

Like Bugbite, Dreadwing will no doubt make a ton of people happy.

Hell, they even spent the cash on retooling the "regular" head too.

I'm now officially more excited about tracking down the Botcon 2001 Tigatron exclusive than any of this set.

Personally, I can't see how people can be more excited about the 2007 set and now say the 2006 was lame.

I just don't see it.


He's a big deal to Masterforce junkies and fans of the later years of the Marvel comics.

Which, having recently read the last five issues, don't so much end as just sort of stop.

He's neat and all, but I was never really gung-ho about his G1 incarnation so it isn't as though I'm chomping at the bit for this.

I agree. While I like the idea of the other three Seekers and Thrust is "Really Purdy", this set is pretty lame so far. Especially Dreadwing and Bugbite.

On the other hand, if I had the cash, I'd buy last years set off of ebay. I really like the Beast Wars characters and the set really works for pretty much all of them, design and colorwise. I just wish Cheetor had been a larger mold.

Frowny: S'funny because I just don't find him all that memorable.

RJ: Nitro Convoy (Override) would have been a fairly decent base for a Cheetor. But then they would have never done a 2nd repaint at Tigatron. Cost-wise I can see why they did what they did.

I grew up on the Dreadwind / Darkwing / Mecannibals arc... their bickering was pretty damn funny. Then again, I never remembered Prime throwing a satellite into orbit, thus proving the onset of rose-tinted nostalgia syndrome.

Personally, I actually wish they hadn't done this - the Jetfire mold is nice, but it's just another irritating attempt by Fun Publications to jam an existing character into a mold that doesn't suit them.

Where the heck is Hi-Test? Where's Darkwing? (If you really intend to grab a character who's only history is part of a duo, surely you should also paint up the significant other?)


On the bright side, I'm excited to fill out the Seekers. And Dreadwind and Bugbite don't look half bad... it's just a shame that, as you pointed out Nala, they are so clearly filler.

Well, there's no viable mold for it but a Blitzwing would have made more sense. Then again, if Astrotrain is just a Space Shuttle now I'm sure they could have tired something with Cybertron Thundercracker or something.

This Tigatron?

Also, there are more worthwhile alternatives than I can count. And this is outside of whether or not we get a Cybertron Defence Springer... gah.

Now that I've seen the entire BotCon set, I feel a little better. Basically all that really interests me are the 3 seekers, pass on the other 2, and if the rumours are true about the Con show exclusives, I ain't missing much.

Nala - Yeah, that Botcon 2001 Tigatron exclusive is pretty cool. I think I saw one on eBay for $200 MIB awhile ago. Good luck hunting him down mate.

One of the things I really dug about the Cheetor/Clocker was the fact that they managed to use Clocker's chest and their paint deco to make it resemble the beast head on Cheetor's chest once he had his beast alt mode. Definitely a nice touch. I had thought Nitro Convoy too, but once I saw the Cheetor I was glad they made the decision that they did.

And that other mold you're discussing will always look best as Ravage, because black will always be the new black.


It wouldn't be worth $46 to me but I might buy it if it came out in a store. I did like the Marvel comics, and though I don't own DW I do have a knockoff, and based on that I'd say this mold looks pretty good this way. He's still light-colored, but you lose the Jetfire Macross-snowsuit look for DW's purple gloves and boots, which I always thought to be a classic Con color scheme. I think I see some of DW's aqua-blue on the hips and certainly on the wings, too.
The small head looks like the comic one, too, which is nice. Not worth the asking price to me, but then I don't buy exclusives.

JOP, according to the excerpt from the summer-special comic, Dreadwind left his buddy Darkwing on Earth, and Hi-Test basically left 'cos he didn't like Dreadwind. (Well, according to Dreads he "let Grimlock rip his arms off" to gain this relief, but I'm going to just lump this in the Ignore Box with some of the other scintillating dialogue in that comic. Imprimus, nobody would go *that* far for a discharge, and secundus, the Nebulan is Transformer-housecat sized next to Grim. The Autobot would just have stomped him.)

Dreadwind /was/ funny in the old comics. He was like Marvin the Android.

"Without [Throttle] what would become of you, Darkwing? You would grind to a
halt, your body corroding, festering, sinking into an irreversible,
inoperative oblivion, with no hope for--"
"Stuff the rosey forecast, Dreadwind. I get the point."

(#42...Hmm, I think I shall collect a collection of comic books, and every one shall be #42, and I will have the answers to everything...)

You say Darkwing is Dreadwind's ... significant other, JOP? Y'know, you should be careful with terms like that when referring to a two-member gestalt...well, four if you count the Nebulans...

Way too G2-ish.

- Pooka on EFnet #transformers (irc.efnet.net)

I always intensely disliked Cheetor for his adolescent wailishness, but even I wanted to own that Clocker repaint... it was just that perfect of a fit. That was a genius homage, right there, and contributed a lot I think to the success of last year's set.

(a) the repaint does indeed rather look like the G1 original, although I think the resemblance is stronger in jet mode, and minus the fast packs.

(b) Although I understand the daunting nature of the task in front of them, especially from a continuity perspective, I rather wish they just stopped publishing these comic books. It's a nice addition to the convention, but they always end up having to asininely rationalise the disparity between homage and original.

First law of homages: If the homage don't fit, you must acquit. Uh... I mean, don't do it. That level of semi-homage is fine at retail, but for Botcon? Hmmm...

(c) He was like Marvin! Good analogy. :)

(d) You know, I just wanted to refer to Darkwing's role in the duo, and 'significant other' came to mind. But thinking about it a little further, they do spend a great deal of time together, and also, well... have you seen said gestalt? Draw your own conclusions. ;)

If you include Beast Machines, Cheetor had a good character arc. Hell, by the end he seems like the one who's best equipped to take the reins of leading Cybertron.

And going back to the first episode of Beast Wars, that's kind of scary.

And JOP-

I'm waiting for "Crisis on Infinite Cybertrons!"

which will lead to "Zero Cycle"

which will lead to something else. . .


"Crisis of Games of Future's Past Future!"

"When Daniel and Wheelie valiantly blew themselves to pieces in one of the more shark-jumping moments in Transformers history, they did more than obliterate their own physical composition - they opened a rift in time and space, a rift that allowed Dark Unicron of the Mirror Universe to escape into the Pan-Dimensional Multinexus! Oh noes!!!"

Which in turn allowed for Bizarro Prime (Emirp Sumitpo) to use the matrix of servitude on Primus!

Then Rodimus dies, like five times. While Ultra Magnus is butt touchin' him. Because I hate them both.

And it's all up to Stampy to save them all from Orion Pax, who's gone crazy on Crystal Methamphenergon and plans on blowing up the earth. Which earth? Who knows? Hopefully the one with Kicker on it.

I think it really says something about Kicker that in any given list of hatred-inspiring characters, he continues to dominate the top spot. Maybe next year's Botcon theme could be "Kicker Kicks It"?

Well, I think the logic for that breaks down "Ho hum, another irritating and whiny human character. . . wait, they named him Kicker? Oh, now it's WAR, motherfucker!"

At least that's how it worked for me.

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