Well duh!



Yes. It is true.



Even cute-ified he still looks Megalomaniacal.

Neat. And on a less interesting note, Optimash Prime is on JRS toyworld now.

Hah! Chibi-Shockwave. Awesome.

I picked up a couple fo the Star Wars versions of these at a Garage sale recently. I'm totally stoked for th etransformers ones now.

They look good but nothing will ever compare to the Myclone TF's as far as i'm concerned...

Unless of course they release a Heroes Bruticus because i'm all about that...

Hell. I'll take the real Shockwave any way I can get him. I'm thrilled Hasbro keeps him alive like this.

I was going to say, which arm would you give if Hasbro suddenly threw out a Classics Shockwave?

(And I don't mean Energon Shockblast either, although that was a pretty good homage, giant lobster-arm notwithstanding.)

I'll be getting the entire set of these ... they are so cute!

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