My paper heaven hell.

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So I got a few hours in on the paper crack down in the basement.

I may actually have it all sorted and reboxed by Saturday afternoon depending on how my back is.

I also need to plant some flowers out front so they fill in over the next few weeks and that is going to totally kill me too.

Two of the worst costumes ever... designed by Todd McFarlane of course.

Back in the day Infinity Inc. was one of my favourite series, being all Earth-2 and stuff.

But man oh man did Todd McFarlane design some godawful costumes. Hourman II and Doctor Midnight are just ghastly here.

Of course, it went with the 2nd generation era back then.


Not the Megatron we all know in love.

Perhaps this "Megatron" from Shogun Warriors should be Meg's pre-Earth mode.


Dave McKean is the best mixed-media designer ever.

Dave McKean is one of, if not the best, mixed media artists of our time.


I always wanted to rewrite this series with modern continuity and sensibility.

I was raised on a healthy dose of Earth-2 and Roy Thomas' insane continuity porn.

This story from All-Star Squadron is one of my faves. The real Captain Marvel gets sucked from Earth-S and is taken over by the Nazis and ends up fighting the JSA and the All-Star Squadron.

Of course, Crisis wiped this out of continuity but I always wanted to reimagine it with a time-lost Marvel Family.

C'mon DC. Let me do it! Please!


Alan Moore's "My Blue Heaven" from Swamp Thing

What's there to say? Alan Moore is one of the greatest comic creators of all time and always will be.

I so miss the days when I looked forward to a book coming out like I did during the 80s.


Yes. So many titles were SO important in the 80s and 90s.

For every gem I find there are 30 pieces of total shit.

Oh yes. The New Guardians.

They had so much impact on DC in the past 20 years.

So many forgotten characters spun-out of useless mass company mini-series.

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Ooh! Is that Swamp Thing's My Blue Heaven? Good issue.

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