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noob sent me this.

Intervention: New Toy Addiction


That was awesome! I loved the drunk at the invtervention slur-screaming "YOURE TEARING THIS FAMILY APART!" lol

And if that guy had told me I'd have to miss Botcon... I'd be like "Oh HELL to the NO!"

Ernie was kinda hot though. ^^

That was awesome. That argument with his girlfriend after the intervention was right out of my life and my wife's periodic rant of "You've got a problem". I think the drunk slurring at the intervention was his dad. Ernie's reply "what do you know about addiction" was funny. Him scouring the TRU pegs hit too close to home. Man I hate that store yet I'm in there daily since its next to my office bldg and was hitting it when the doors opened in the a.m. when that last Toybiz Marvel Legends series came out. Yep, got my Destroyer. Now I scour for Titanium Cheetor, Sunstorm, and Fallen. Heh, heh.

lol it's so hilarious... TWO THUMBS UP!

I haven't been to a store looking for toys for over a month. Since I couldn't find 12" Dr. Doom.

Dunno. Maybe I'm undergoing some kind of geek shift back to comics.

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