The missing brother.


Fortress and Brave keep whispering to me that they are lonely.

Should I?


MIB? but it's not complete and there's wear and the box has a tear? AND it's 850 with shipping? that's craziness. unless it's the only one in existence. And it will suck your dick. Then go for it, i say.

I paid $800 shipped for my C-114 last year and it was missing the little sword and the paperwork. I think the two swords and the pretender shell are well worth $50 on top of what I paid. There's a more complete than mine C-114 on Yahoo Japan right now and they want 200,000 yen for it. That's over $1,500 for the 'base' model. If you think the Grand Max bells and whistles are at all worth having, $850 shipped is pretty decent.

I thought you were buying a new house.......

He is!

And it's name is 'Grand Maximus'...

I would say wait. Guarantee you'll find a COMPLETE one in better shape for the same or less.

Yes, get it! I can't wait for Tranformer 2K party! Only a few more to go.

Holy shit! Mister T is now reading this here crack blog!

Well, it *has* been 10 days since he got a new Transformer. The poor guy must be going through withdrawal! He's gonna get the shakes soon. Somebody throw him a Mini-Con for pity sake!!

Where would you ever find the missing headmaster? I don't think I could sleep at night knowing I was missing pieces...I would be haunted by that little two inch plastic man.

I agree with Alex. If it were a a more common TF and finding the missing pieces wouldn't set you back $100+ I would definitely say go for it. Sometimes it can be cheaper to get it piecemeal. However with the Japanese exclusives, especially the G1 ones finding those missing pieces is a BITCH. Trust me, I've tried....

What about Gluteus Maximus? You know, the name would have worked for Cybertron Metroplex. It's not every Transformer that sticks his ass up in the air in his alt mode.

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