The Attic of Love™ is now officially The Attic of Non-Love Disaster™


One thing that you may not realize is that for all of the work I did on the basement and other rooms, I sacrificed the hours needed to maintain... and I use that would very sparingly... the so-called Attic of Love™.

Over the past 12 months it has devolved into The Attic of Disaster™.

Oy koledy! What a mess I have to work with.

The Attic of Disaster - Victory Saber should be my task master!

With Star Saber as my guide and task master I will endeavor to spend 10-15 hours a week on the Attic in conjunction with finishing up the comics in the basement and all the other items that need to be completed.

The Attic of Disaster -

The Attic of Disaster -

The Attic of Disaster - Collecting boxes for packing.

Unfortunately, the temperatures have been rising a lot quicker than I anticipated and it has already started getting hot and stuff up here. That's no good for the aquariums, no good for the computers, and of course makes it impossible for me Nala to actually spend more than 30 minutes up here working.

I've moved 1 A/C unit in and will be trying to keep air circulating as much as possible with fans.

Of course, I had always intended to redo the attic and add a few skylights/window and fans/vents along the ceiling/roof if I stayed but that is not to be. (Hell, the bathroom and bath plumbing would need to come before that!)

Hopefully, and back-willing, I'll be able to make some progress on this and the basement crap over the next few days.


Wow, I never realised Star Sabre looked that good!

And sorry to hear about your back. I've suffered back trouble too, due to soccer and cricket, plus my athletics days at school, and my knees are in chronic decline too...



I think I know why you chose that angle on Starsaber. Does yours have a problem with the mouthplate not staying in place? Mine does. That's about the only angle where it looks normal. I'd try to fix mine but I lost it in all my stuff sometime back in '05. Both he and my South Korean Victory Leo got swallowed up somewhere in my collection that makes Planet Junkion look organized. I haven't seen them in over 2 years. Hell, I don't even know what STATE they're in.

Yeah. Star Saber's face plate won't stay down.

I should see if the one I tried to sell is any better and swap them.

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