Balls of major lumbar magnitude and suckitude.


Yeah. I went and had X-rays taken yesterday.

Not good.

This took its toll on me over the past year. I had some fears it would and sure enough it has.

I basically have a pinched/compressed and quite irritated disk between my L4 and L5 vertabrae right above my sacrum (S1), which of course explains the slowly increasing pain I've had and more than likely the problems beginning in my left hip.

They shot cortisone into my lower back/upper ass in the hopes it would help me.
There's no arthritis there but man oh man I can barely get any work done in any timely matter.

I've got the Attic to do. The basement to finish. The painting to finish. New gutters and drains to install. And hell, boxes to pack and move.

I didn't need this affecting me at this moment.


Balls of major suckitude.

I can't even do my cardio like I was doing since I can't stay upright on the cross-trainer for more than 10 minutes without my hips feeling numb.

I know my weight problem is returning to haunt me.

This isn't helping much.

And no, stinky meowy butt, once considered the cure-all for any disease or condition, hasn't helped much.


Oh man, that sucks... you've got my sympathies. Time to seek out one of those back practitioners with the pseudo-medieval stretching machines? (For reals yo, they are supposed to work wonders.)

You sound like my wife. She was diagnosed as having RSD and Possible Fibromialga (sp?). Half the time she's ready and raring to go but generally by the end of the day she can hardly stand.

She refuses to take most medication too. She'd rather be crippled than impared by a drug induced haze.

Yikes. . . well, if you ever need another back on the basement I'm sure I could scrape up bus fare. . .

Hell. The basement's done.

Lugging up your FF and Thors will kill me.

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