Awesomely rare crack on Ebay


So I'm put'zn around ebay this morning and I came across a ton of new and extremely rare plastic crack that I have never had the privilege to actually physically see or hold.

And I love it in a totally non-gay way!


Takara Battlestars Battle Gaea

Damn! One of the last Japanese toys every created for G1. Sure he's just a Bruticus repaint but I wouldn't bitch to own one.



Takara Battlestars Battle Guard City

Guard City, along with Battle Gaea, are pretty rare. Thought it looks like the many Defensor knock-offs use the color palette from Guard City.



Takara Masterforce Blue Bacchus



Takara Masterforce Go Shuta

Some day I'll own a Go Shuta and a Minerva. I really would like them and all I have is their totally fantastic PVC forms.



Takara Masterforce Browning

I know it will never happen but it'd be interesting to see if Takara were to retool Masterpiece Megatron into Browning.


Sweet! I'm not a big fan of Battle Gaia (I'm too much of a mark for the original Bruticus) but I'd totally own some of those. Especially Blue Bacchus, 'cause I was such a sucker for the Ultra (Mega?) Pretenders.

BTW, I wouldn't rule out Browning as a possible retool - it's awesome that TomTak decided to knock out a MasterPiece Megatron, but now they've boxed themselves into a corner - how are they going to spin this out for more yen?

1. Re-release with additional gun components.
2. Re-colour as Megaplex (boring!)
3. Re-tool, weeeeeeee!

Sorry, I still think Headmaster Jrs. are teh suck, no matter how rare they are. And I do like the color scheme for Defensor better than Guard City.

Admit it, this is all about Leland, isn't it?

Man, I would love to own a Browning .... he's way cool. Here's hoping Takara re-issues him someday.

Isn't Leland the Swindle repaint?

Sounds like a sitcom. "All About Leland"...

I have the browning in rough condition and one bullet if you're interested. Contact me via email at jesperht /AT/ if so :)
(can send pictures of course)

Actually, much like Prime's trailer, a Hong Kong company (Justitoys, who were responsible for the WST dinobots) is planning on releasing the silencer and stock set. And it'll turn into the cannon, even. I waited until MP-04 for Prime's trailer but I think I'm going to jump the gun here and pick that up.

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