Revoltechs are so much fun!

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A shady character
Originally uploaded by revlimit.
The always impressive revlimit does another fun and excitingly different Revoltech shot.

We loves the Revoltechs!

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Got my Revoltech Megatron yesterday. I was like a kid at Christmas, it is absolutely the best incarnation of G1 Megs I've ever seen (counting MP Megatron, which I'm not all that crazy about.) Now I've got to get a Rev. Convoy so Megatron can tear out his optics.

The other day my son was goofing around pretending to be shooting stuff and said "I'll tear out your index!" My wife asked him where he heard that and he told her "That's what Megatron says to Optimus Prime." I had to have a conversation explaining the concept of "Optics" to him, and I'm not allowed to let him watch the Transformers movie anymore.

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