Botcon exclusive Bugbite


2007_05_02_botcon_bugbyte.jpgSo the pics are up of the new Bugbite figure for the GRB set and quite frankly, like Classics Cliffjumper, he just looks like a Bumblebee repaint.

I didn't realize how that mold, being a perfect Bumblebee, just will never look like anything other than a Bumblebee to me.

I know that it is all a part of the tool but I probably would have left off the waverider sled. Sure it becomes the flight pack but that just makes it even look more like just a straight up Bumblebee figure.

This guy's definitely the "calling it in" figure for this year's convention set much like I felt Dinobot was last year's cop-out figure. (That said, I haded that Armada mold though.)

I actually like the pearly-white on the body but the head, which in these pics appears to be totally white, is kind of jarring when looked at from afar.

Who knows.

I'm sure there will be a lot of people that like this.

The whole set I could pretty much take or leave.


If you leave I'll take.

I told you I'll try to snag an extra set.

I know. I just wanted to remind you that despite your "take it or leave it" stance I'm pretty sure you'll take. ;)

I really like the colourscheme; I've heard some criticisms of the tribal designs but personally, I think they came out really well.

I've got to agree though, he does look like Yet Another Bumblebee. Heck, my daughter is pretty good at telling the characters apart, and even she wanted to know why there was a black and white BB.

Maybe if they wiped the cheeky smile of his face? A good scowl shouldn't be too much of a retool, surely?


I think this would have been better if the car parts had been *purple* with *white* designs, rather than the reverse, with the other deco pretty much as it stands, except the face, which could have been painted solid black or purple, or given a Zartan eyemask. This would have made him look much less like Bee, I think.

For some reason, Cliffjumper looked much less like Bumblebee "in person", to me, than he did in photos. I am considering adding some putty to build up his cheek-vents, because that's really the major consistent difference between Sunbowbee and Sunbowjumper...and as for the smile, why, that's CJ in MTMTE just after Hound cracked that joke about missing Megatron.

Hound is teh GAY!!!! LOL

(In case anyone was missing

Autobus: Yeah, his head would've been better off a dark color, and the addition of a some kind of extra facial feature would have been nice too.

I have to disagree with about Cliffbee though, he looks every bit to me and the little one like Bumbblebee took a bad spin through a red paint factory. I do think altering the shape of the head will fix matters in pretty short order, though. :)

Maybe someone wants to cast it up and start selling replacement Cliffjumper heads over eBay? It's not like there isn't a precedent...

"If you leave I'll take."

Ditto that comment for me too!

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