Again with the Entitlement Retards.


So I'm sitting here in the soon-won't-be-mine office looking out the windows and watching the sun come over the Cowlands horizon and thought to myself "Oh well. Let's see what's on the front pages of the TF geekdom sites."

That's pretty much where I should have stopped.

Yes. I once again made the mistake of actually clicking on a link to forum responses regarding some of the recent Botcon figures.

Why oh why do I do this?

Anyway, are there just a certain percentage of TF geeks who are clinically retarded?

I'm beginning to think that every fandom, regardless of the flavor, has a constituency that is roughly 20% retarded.

And I feel bad even saying that because it makes those people who are truly mentally retarded embarrassed that I group geek retards in with them. No doubt the AAMR will be on my case now.

OK. How many Botcons has Fun Pubs run now?

Two done and a third on the way right?



So for the past 3 years the way they run their shows and the way Hasbro works with them is now historical fact and all the data you'll ever need about how a Botcon will play out is there right?



So you know that if FP maintains the Botcon license they are likely to do a box set of 5 figures with some "theme", a con attendee-only figure, and more than likely a minimum of 4 show-only exclusives right?



2007_05_02_has.jpgSo why oh why oh why must the 20% mentally retarded still bitch and moan about the fact that these figures should have been mass retail figures and that there's "no way" they are paying so much for these figures when the set should run $60 and such!?!?!

It just blows my mind.

Now it is true, I have some bad feelings about wasting money on toys. Any reader of this here crack site or my other sites will know my personal love-hate relationship with my toy problem. The mere fact that this site exists and that I waste time on it is clearly indicative of the core of my problem: I just can't walk away from my personal and private TF geekdom yet regardless of how often I want to! (Yes. It is rough being the World's Most Beloved Polish-American Plastic Crack™ Addict.)

Anyway. I digress.

I'm just blown away by the people who continue to be blind to the fact that there's a Botcon historical pattern now and regardless of if you like or don't like FP, you as a TF geek are now getting more options than you ever would have gotten from anyone else. And that includes Hasbro!

And these figures, as they are revealed, would never have existed in retail.

Never ever ever.

They only exist because FP has had them made for Botcon and Hasbro is making a certain dollar amount from them!

There never was going to be a Classics Thundercracker or a Classics Dirge or Thrust.

Never ever ever.

You can keep thinking that these should have been released in the retail chain but they never existed as viable figures until FP forked over the money to Hasbro to make them.

It is that simple.

Every single figure in the Classics line that was displayed at Botcon 2006 in Lexington was released! No more. No less.

Just like Hasbro said the line would play out.

The same can be said of the Alternators.

The final two have been released and unless Hasbro says differently during a panel, Classics and Alternators are probably end-of-line with the possible exception of TakaraTomy and/or E-Hobby doing their own thing.

These figures exist for collectors and collectors only! They are not aimed at you buying them from your Target or Wal-Mart or WeBeToys on clearance!

To continually bring up the fact that the FP prices are so high for these figures is ridiculous! These figures can have whatever price FP wants to put on them since they would not exist without FP!

Crawl back into your private geek fantasy that Hasbro is dicking you over personally and was secretly going to release these figures in the Classics line. If that makes you happy and keeps you going throughout the day keep believing it.

But just remember something... (and of course, this is always aimed at myself too)...

They're just toys. You either buy them or you don't. You either pay the price someone wants for them or you don't.

There's a reason why points here!

For all my adult toy collecting lameness I never ever ever let myself forget that they are just fucking toys!

You either buy them or you don't.

Nobody is out to get you and personally piss you off.

(Or are they?)


I can't say I've read too much on the boards recently, for much the same reason - a whole lot of sound and fury, signifying nothin'.

I also agree that the fans need to cool it over some of the Botcon exclusives (like you said, we were never going to get half of these characters in retail.)

What's prolly got a lot of them up in arms is that it was the three remaining Seekers - there's a sort of unwritten rule in the fandom, if you really are going to release homage X to group Y, then you better be ready to release the remainder of Y.

(Which to be fair, virtually never happens; but it's a viable phenomenon in the community.)

And to be fair, I don't know about Thrust but it does seem that Hasbro went a little mad. You want to squeeze more money out of the Classics Seekers mold? That's cool. Release Thundercracker.

Nay? You want to retool the entire think into Ramjet? We can dig that. Why not repaint it as Dirge whilst you're at it; recoup some of those retool costs? Ah, no dice? But you won't retool Cliffjumpers face? Oooookay...

I dunno. At the end of the day, it's all about the unsteady relationship between the dealers and the addicts, ain't it? :)

I think people are just upset because they felt that the Classics line was geared toward longtime fans, but now, in order to get a complete set they have to pay through the nose.

I don't agree with it, but I can see it. It's your own compulsion you're fighting with, not Hasbro. . .

Is true; although sometimes, it is interesting to note that the relationship between Hasbro and the fans goes both ways. After all, I don't think we would see a Botcon year after year unless Hasbro and Fun Publications turned at least something of a profit... just a thought. :)

Amen. Well said.


Fan Pub wanted to pick a theme that would sell well and they saw that fandom really liked the classics line. They knew it was done so asked for permission to do the remainder of the seekers and Hasbro agreed since as the know of now Classics is done.

No secret agenda, no money making scheme just Fan Pub realizing that the hardcore fans like the classics and wanted to make a set folks would like, and judging by the fact the set is now sold out, it was a good set.

D'oh! And now it's sold out already. How ironic that for our kvetching, we want that delicious plastic crack so bad.

"I don't agree with it, but I can see it. It's your own compulsion you're fighting with, not Hasbro..."

...and Frowny is made of epic and win, accordingly. :)

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