In which pepperoni dip is consumed and should not have been...


2007_05_24_card.jpgIn two days I leave the wonderful world of scientific publishing and shift completely into the IT world supporting scientific publishing.

You may say "so what's the difference?" and actually, I'm leaving behind my job in an area I'm considered and expert in and braving new territory where I only have scratched the surface as a desktop windows and macintosh sys admin in.

But I'm ready for the challenge.

Anyway, today the staff decided to throw me a qoing away food spread. Of course, I'm like on day 12 of fasting so it couldn't have happened at a worse time for me but they went all out with a cake, sausage, dips, and one of my kryptonites: Sue L's Pepperoni dip!

I'm going to be so ill. Ugh! My guts are churning already.

I also got a great going away card in which Gobot Suk had to embellish with a little Shockwave action.

One can never have enough G1 Shockwave.


Ok lay it on me whats pepperoni dip?

Well when I made it from her recipe it looked like this. Essentially it is like pepperoni pizza in dip form. It tastes a lot like Tommy's Pizza, one of my favorite pizza dives here in Cowtown.

As they said in Almost Heroes "the food alone is worth the trip" i'm a fiend when it comes to pepperoni

Well, best of luck as always.

And don't forget about us little people what hounded you into madness when you're in the crazy house.

Good luck on the new job, and welcome to the IT world! :)

I can't believe you left us, you bast--er, I mean, best of luck to you.

Good luck on the new job mate!

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