Cars, jets, and helicopters. Oh my.


I've gone back and forth over what movie characters I might get.

Of course, we all know what a loser geek I am so we all know I'll end up with all of the mainline toys (not the gimmicky ones) but I swear to you I will only buy on sale or clearance for the majority.

With the bot modes not being my cup of tea I can now say, based on this photo by Remy Rodis, that the movie line will definitely be on my shelves in alt mode.

You can't knock the realistic appearance of these guys.


I don't think I'm going to buy any of the movie characters until they go on sale. The only exception is if the Optimus Prime just absolutely blows me away when I finally see it in a box, or if the non-protoform Starscream figure is nice (me being a Starscream fan).

Hell, the way my local Target does things, they'll probably be on the clearance aisle about two weeks after they get released anyway.

I ordered all the deluxe movie toys they have available at HasbroToyShop.Com because of the current 25% off and free shipping.

I just noticed they have Real Gear up there too, so I'm ordering those as well.

I will refuse.

. . . but if I don't, I might get Ironhide, Ratchet and Voyager Prime.

I just opened Deluxe Barricade and Voyager Ironhide tonight - love 'em both!! Transformations again, are more complex than I thought, the Frenzy mini with Barricade is neat; but I was a little disappointed with the way the front of the truck that forms Ironhide's chest/torso looks in robot mode. It was kind of a letdown compared to the pics I've seen.

Overall though, I love all 4 movie TFs that I have. I hate to admit this, but this line is definitely growing on me; the only thing I REALLY find annoying is those alien heads!!

CountBlockula has some great pics on Flickr of his new additions. Looks like he got all the Real Gear ones, too.

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