The revelation was that this era totally sucks balls.

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So over a couple of evenings and mornings I've suffered through watching 1985's "Revelation of The Daleks".

I so totally and truly hate the Sixth Doctor era.

The 80s Who is just so hard for me to watch.

And this story is such a snorefest.

Of course, it also contains Davros, the bottom of the barrel for me in terms of Dalek concepts.

Thankfully, the new Who episode "Human Nature" aired Saturday night. It was quite possible one of the best episodes ever... and it is still only part 1 of a 2 parter! If the second part is even 1/4 as good as the first this may be some of the best Who ever.

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And yet, the Big Finish Sixth Doctor audio "Davros" is possibly the single greatest Doctor Who story ever. And it has Wendy Padbury in it.

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