2007_05_17_movieswindle.jpgSwindle's got a great alt mode, as almost all the movies do, but man oh man that "head" is just such utter crap.

There's only one Cybertronian that can pull off the 1-eye thing and we all know who the hell that is.

It is just so... so... so not a Transformer.

He may be different but I just don't think he's different in a good way.



Well, I don't really know what to think about Swindle. In some photos his head looks really dumb, like somebody just tore off some other head and stuck on an old TV camera. On the other hand, in this photo:


and in some other photos from that gallery, the combination of chunky proportions, weird design, and camera-head comes out really good, looking like what a VOTOMS transforming car might be.

Be that as it may, I think the major trouble with these lens heads isn't the lack of features or the big glassy eye, but the lack of sufficient other detail or supporting structure around that lens. I don't mind unconventional heads or extremely simple faces (the Cyberjets, Bonecrusher, or comic Scrounge are just fine) but that scabbed-on camcorder effect is probably one to avoid.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.


To delve into philosophy, I do question the attitude that impels the game designers to give the Cons these lens heads. Come, now. Are we trying to say that two virtual armies can't have ideological differences, even to the point of war, without one being subhuman? Or are we all too hypersensitive to fight enemies with faces?

It was better in the days when video game characters looked forward to meeting a worthy boss-battle opponent over a pixelated glass in digital Valhalla...

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Yep, Whirl is the definitive robot Cyclops.

I don't think he looks too bad; to agree with Autobus, they just need to avoid the rounded-off lens-rim thing.

For all the seeming crap that's come out of the movie aesthetic though, this guy actually has a certain quality about him. Am I the only one that's seeing a sort of spiritual successor to those supposedly ILM-produced test-shots of Sideswipe transforming?


On the subject of games design... knowing very little about the games coming up, I cannot speak definitively on those or the involvement of this Swindle.

However, in general terms, one of the things to plague past iterations of TF games was a need for players to constantly be blowing up enemies, even though the number of Decepticons is rather finite.

Thus we find the use of 'drones' and other such mechanisms to introduced unintelligent cannon fodder; and one way to depict said non-sentience is - you guessed it - to go down the dehumanized appearance route.

It worked in "The Revenge of Bruticus", did it not? :)

Looks like he has a sphincter for a face. Hey, if he puts food in his mouth and craps out his butt, what happens when he shoves food up his but...

The Swindle drones looked pretty good on the cover to the FCBD movie prequel book. I think it would have looked better with a more subdued color scheme, a la movie Dreadwing.

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