Comics comics shitloads of comics.



I managed to get many hours in on the paper crack yesterday and can now say that the DC and Marvel shit is all sorted and boxed up.

I'm now working on Vertigo, Wildstorm, First, Eclipse, and all the other minor things I've bought.

Man. There's so much shit there.

I did make the mistake of going on ebay and looking what comics are going for.

Let's just say the comics I sold for 50 cents at the toy & comic show last weekend are actually selling on ebay for a shitload more.

I can't be mad though. If I had the time I should have checked on that and put those up. The problem with selling comics on ebay is the weight. They just get heavy so fast and the shipping then becomes greater than the worth.

But really. There's only value to some people. 99% of comics are practically worthless the moment you hand your retail wad of cash over to the comic store. It is such a dying industry and I don't see much longer term survical out of the collectibles market once the production of printed comics no longer becomes feasible. (I'm in publishing... I watch printed periodicals dying every day!)

Yes I'd like to recoup some of the tens of thousands of dollars spent over the years but that's just not feasible. Surprisingly, once reboxed and stacked in the basement, the comics don't seem to take up as much space as they did in the attic.


Psst.... media mail :)

Does the weight become too much even when shipping via Media Rate? I think it's cheaper and designed for shipping things like comics (and books and other weighty paper products).

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