Can you feel the love tonight (on your windshield)?



So I'm looking at this still from the movie and I'm thinking... "That looks creepy."

All I can think of is Spike and Carly (or whatever her name is in this flick) in a post-coital embrace on the hood of Bumblebee while Ironhide and Ratchet just watched them shag.

I wonder what whiney emo-band will be playing over this scene.

Oh wait. This isn't Smallville.


actually the goo goo dolls just recorded a "love song" for this movie... so there is you Teen WB music artist for that scene ^^

The Goo Goo Dolls? Wow, the cycle of suck is complete. And they're about 20 years beyond having the word "Teen" attached to them in any way.

True story though-their bassist once touched me. (On the shoulder.)

The important thing is, this movie is all about and only about the robots. Even if at this point they look like they just wandered into the last four seconds of a Chevy commercial.

Also, putting aside this particular image and its sunset setting; has anyone else noticed the in-creep of Michael Bay's trademark amber filter? Can we expect Bad Boys references aplenty?

And incredibly inappropriate slo-mo.

TO which I can hear cries of "But it looks so COOL!"

And I bet the Decepticons come across more human than the Japanese did in Pearl Harbor.

Worms-eye view of Spike looking up as Blackout soars overhead in slow motion...

With the sound of the blades reduced to the intermittent "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" real slow like. . .

Bare feet. Nice touch. Cue cheesy Aerosmith tune.


Oh gosh, no. /Not/ a commercial. No. Add some words, some explanatory text, and you'd have a Chevy ad directly from the inside cover of a late 1980s magazine. Go pick up a back issue of Popular Mechanics and you'll see it. It's all there...the dim light, the headlights, the tranquil romance...

"Chevrolet. We help nerdy guys meet the cute girls."

(Mine's cuter, though. Megan Fox is, all told, rather plain lookin'. 1988 Celebrity beats Camaro.)


1988 celebrity? Do tell. :)

I'm not as doom and gloom as I could be about this thing; saddened that some of the actual finer points to come out of an otherwise animated advert might be glossed over in, ironically, the name of more vapid commercialism... but I'm sure it'll still be an enjoyable summer romp.

But bloody hell; with stills like these coming out, Bay et al are hardly trying to make it easy to keep the faith, eh?

Also, I thought Chevy was all about the tootling the horn of patriotism aplenty, now. :) An American Revolution, and all that.

Just as long as they're done with that irritating John Mellencamp song every five minutes. . .


What's there to tell? It's an old car. Got four wheels and a steerin' wheel and two doors off an '85 Celebrity which I bought for $100 to scrounge for wiring and parts to replace those burned in a badly botched test run after forgetting to replace a transmission-cooler-line clamp, and the deer-smashed hood and fenders and one other door replaced by rough equivalents from a '90 Pontiac wagon which needed retiring because the quarter-inch carriage bolts and length of pipe that coupled the Poncho's moldy seats to the rotting floor and its rotting axle to the rotting frame that no longer had sufficient rigidity in its rust-eaten members to allow one to repair a flat tire..the jack would crush through it...yup, just a boring old car, that Chevy...and somebody before me painted it blue with a spray can.

This sentimentally charged crate actually runs decently, but I need to fix the leak where the Pontiac's catalytic converter won't quite mate up with the Chevy's exhaust pipe, so I can put it back on the road...I intend to do this soon.

Oh, and the Pontiac came with a Bacharach and David cassette in its player.

Of these 50 new movie photos released, roughtly half feature Megan Fox and her perky titties. About six have robots.

That's about the screen time ratio I'm expecting for this movie.


Ah! That beautiful thing. :) I do believe we've discussed the matter before, over at Allspark... I see the 'soon' moniker is still in gleeful effect. :)

As for this damn movie... I've got to go see it, irrespective of my own feelings, as my daughter wants to see it. (And being the good responsible parent, I need to see it before she does, what with the PG-13 and all that.)

Agh - personally I think it might not be that bad... I still maintain that the most infuriating thing is the vacuum Bay has been working in. And now we're releasing photos of Captain Disturbia. Great!

JOP: Plop down $25 for each ticket and let me know how it is! :-)


"might not be that bad" entertaining movie?


"might not be that bad" at least it wasn't Alone in the Dark or Super Mario Bros. the Movie?

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