Please Save Me Real Life Gear Robots!


I received an email this morning with a link to this advert.

I have a feeling that we'll be deluged with all kinds of "transformation" advertising above and beyond all the cross-marketing promotional crap for the the film itself.

And quite frankly, if there was ever something that could completely make me want to get the hell out of this sick toy collecting addiction it may be the forthcoming movie.

I already get, on average, four to five "Do you know there's a Transformers movie coming out?" questions directed at me on a weekly basis.


Saw that ad the other day... Turned to the wife and said...

"How many more ads are we going to see in that vein in the next 3-4 months?"



Oh dear.

In light of the disdain the autoindustry has generally held for this franchise, the irony is now quite palpable.

I would also add, the transition from quite unnecessary manly-man pick-up to 500ft snake is rather less than elegant...

Advert? Careful. . . with all the incarnations of Who lately you're starting to sound like the Madge.

What's next? Amy Winehouse records? (I really hope not. . . )

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no!

Not sure about you, but I have been seeing that add for over a year over here in Norway.

There's a Transformers movie coming out? I wonder how it's going to fare against the giant-transforming-metal-insect-...

Never mind, it sounded funnier in my head...

Well, the transforming toy phase is begining to get a head of steam...

And like the 80s, there will be so much crap that'll be forgotten within the next year and end up in $1 bins at toy shows and cons for the next 10 years.

Oh God! Those are hideous!

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