Same old. Same old.


I love how "exclusive" really doesn't mean much anymore.

On one hand, you have the Hot Rod coming from SDCC that is indeed exclusive since it isn't mass retail.

Then, on the other hand, you have all these shelf-warming 3" Titaniums done up in 2-packs that are "exclusive" to some store but are the same old figures that have been out forever.


I remember when Takara used to do so many redecos and such that were exclusive to Jusco or other products.

Not the same shelf-warming shit! Something even mildly repainted!

Or. I suppose you could say even lacking in all color.


well actually the 3" TRU exclusive Titanium 2 packs have a metallic finish to them... NOt a "recolor" per se... but still something different.

Really? I suppose at least they are different then. That's cool. I've posted this for nothing.

There's so much to not like with the 3" line (silly poses, non-transforming, Unicron bowling) that even a shinier paint job isn't gonna improve things that much. I confess that I do have a wee Bumblebee on my desk here and like him but it still looks like more misses then hits with that line.

"There's so much to not like with the 3" line"

Does that include the fact that to a man they all look like they've eaten bad prunes, and the fact that the only one I own (the Ark) looks nothing like the thing it's supposed to represent?

I haven't been impressed with any of the 3" Titanium line ... PASS!

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