History of an awful pose. What is up with this?


While I'm only interested in the Shockwave chibi thing, I finally looked at the other ones and I just have to wonder...

What the hell's up with the "Optimus Prime Pointing Like Chris' Evil Monkey In The Closet" pose?


This pose is like a default now in the small toys and has been used several times.

Personally I think it is awful.

But where does it come from and why is it now seeping into Prime designs and sculpts?


The first time I seem to recall seeing it was on the Dreamwave Autobot poster (above) that I think Pat Lee did.

Of course, Pat Lee + Transformers brings up all kinds of bad crazy fandom drama but I honestly don't recall the pointing Prime before that.

Titanium Series - War Within Optimus Prime

The 3" War Within Rhoids Prime has it (above).

3" Titanium G1 Optimus Prime (in Evil Monkey In The Closet mode)

The G1 3" Titanium has it (above) and of course, so does the battle-damaged repaint.

Optimus is totally doing the "evil monkey" pointing!!!

What is up with this pose?

I just find it so funny that it just keeps popping up on Prime and now the Robot Heroes version has got his evil pointing action going on!

Is it all Pat Lee's fault?


It's because Prime's a disco inferno and just can't hold the heat inside.

Wow, I was never one much for the drama but that artwork just made me very glad that Pat Lee is no longer an artist for the franchise. Seriously, are Prowl's missiles drooping there? And what the hell is going on with his legs?

Never could understand how a guy could understand distance blurring so well but not actual perspective...

I SWEAR there was a scene in the movie (the 'good' movie from the 80's, will we be saying that in a few months?) when Prime strikes that pose either immediately before or during The Greatest Fight Ever Filmed in a "your days are over" kind of way. And doesn't he point when he says "Ready the shuttle for launch?" I think Prime did a lot of pointing.

Am I just crazy and having a "Luke and Biggs at the Toshe station really was in the movie in theaters" moment?

And Frowny, that's the funniest thing I've ever read...today.

Over the years i have notice of this as well. The first occurrence of this pose seems to be on Marvel comics #5 .

Prime's playing Tom Barringer in the final scenes from "Major League" and getting ready to bunt!

i came across this blog post doing a google image search for "gray plastic monkey". nice blog btw.

all the jap pvcs have the point thing too

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