Well. I got one. I think.

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Well I was finally able to place an order for a Nemesis Prime.

However, after an hour of time-outs at Hasbrotoyshop.com I decided to pay a bit more for the damn thing and order it from the Transformers Club shop.

Even there I had some problems with the credit card part constantly timing out.

But I did receive a confirmation email from the system so I have to assume I'm getting one.

The Hasbro thing really does piss me off though.

Especially if there are some Star Wars "exclusives" at Comic Con because that means Star Wars geeks are fighting with TF geeks to try and buy shit online and no basic day-to-day online toy merchant sals system can handle the traffic.

It has been an hour and 22 minutes and I still can't get through at the Hasbro site.

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I finnally got mine too. Had to get him at Brianstoys.com for the not so cool price but hey thats life and it beats the hell outta buying of some loser on ebay for $30 and $25 for s/h that eff'ing retarded

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