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Slowly but surely pics of Hasbro's booth at the San Diego Comic-Con and there's some real surprises for the plastic crack addicts out there.


Classics Astrotrain is a beautiful sight to behold. Hasbro/Takara needs major props for this figure.

Titanium Oprimal Optimus is great and I'm thrilled that they are including some of these.

My favorite form of Prime, the firetruck from Car Robots (aka Fire Convoy), gets a Titanium release so I'm ecstatic about this one.

Galaxy Force Optimus Prime is a great repaint. I do like the toned down hues.


I've never been a fan of G1 Scourge and the new Titanium G1 Scourge still doesn't do it for me. Lack of love for the character doesn't help with love of the toy either.

The Galaxy Force Vector Prime repaint looked a thousand times better in the product "photoshop" mockup. Can't say I like the palette at all.


Pics of MP-04 Masterpiece Convoy with Trailer has me pissed off a bit. I'd like this someday since the trailer is so nice on the inside but I can't justify it since I already own MP-01 Convoy and the "aftermarket" trailer. If Roller had been included I'd probably not think twice about wasting scratch on it but thankfully, his omission makes it easier to say no to. has new pics of a Lugnutz repaint named Hightail and a repaint of the main Cybertron minicon team now called the "Shadow" recon team. I like the occasional translucent redeco so I'll probably snag them.

I could care less about the Hasbro Attacktix game and I especially hate the way they cross-packaged the TF ones with the Star Wars ones. Rarely do the two geeklines mix. Hell. At Iacon One we found a ripped open package with the Star Wars figures still intact thrown into the trash even. I'd probably by some of these new Attacktix TF figures if that meant I didn't have to throw away a bunch of crap I didn't want.


Dang but those Titaniums look spiffy. I'm going to buy the Classics but they really seem to be going on the same design aesthetic as the Cybertron line.

Otherwise the only thing that really caught my attention was the Crosswise repaint. For some reason I really dig Smokescreen in all his incarnations.

I really like the Soundwave Titanium, Then again He and Sideswipe are my favorite tf's

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