This has got to be one of the worst online experiences ever.


It is almost 3 1/2 hours after they were supposed to go online for sale but Hasbrotoyshop, while at least functionally working now, still lists the figures as "Coming Soon".

I also noticed that the Club is sold out, which probably happened very quickly due to the problems at Hasbro. Even the club had some merchant issues there too.

While not really a contributor to the various TF message boards/sites, it had been interesting to watch the insanity play ouf over at The Allspark.

Oh well.

I hope everyone who wants one gets one.

And I certainly hope nobody manages to acquire a lot of these to whore out on Ebay. I'm still suspicious of all the ones that have been on sale for weeks on Ebay without there actually being product available to these sellers.


I continue to watch eagerly and hope that the damn things go from "Coming Soon" to "Buy now!" already...

At least the timeouts have died down. I'm guessing more than a few people have given up looking for the timebeing.

The crazy thing, of course, being that all those people that were trying so desperately to take down the Hasbro servers wanted to GIVE HASBRO MONEY.

Just saying. :)

yeah man, this whole thing was pretty bad...i tried throughout the entire first hour to get on the site, and no dice. (not counting the fact that i'd get one page further every 20 minutes).

i would've tried longer, but i'm a teacher and i had to start my lecture. (i gave a test during the first hour of class.)

my addiction knows no boundaries...

i guess i'd be super pissed at this, but on my way home from class i found the transformable titanium WW Prime and Megatron. i guess balance is achieved because i'd have paid the same price for nemesis prime.

i was gonna lurk the allspark, but at the last i checked there were 27 pages! and i'm sure it's a rehash of people having crack withdrawal...

JOP: I'm really curious as to how many people out there were going to fork over their cash on the spot if Hasbro had been able to handle it.

Anon: *sigh* Addiction is a very sad thing.

Hasbro Toy Shop is now showing "Sold Out"

"Out of Stock" sorry.

Wow. Hasbro did a number on this one.

Nala: Alas, we have no way of knowing for sure what the numbers were (not to mention you've got Star Wars collectors in the mix, etc.)

However, it *does* appear pretty clear that Hasbro significantly misjudged the demand for this particular item; and to top it off, the handling of the situation from both a technical and customer service perspective just doesn't seem, well, all that great.

And now the site flips from "Coming Soon" to "Out of Stock"... are they resetting the site? Most likely. But still... could this possibly get any more farcical for the fans?

JOP: I can't wait to hear the stuff at Botcon about this.

I tried emailing you but every person I sent an email to with a @hotmail account got bounced back for some reason.

Did you ever manage to get through?

They probably wouldn't have had this problem if they'd made Nemesis Prime general release and Alt. Prime the exclusive. Speaking for myself and a number of people I've seen comment on message boards, 20th Ann. Prime invalidated any desire for an Alt. Prime several years before the fact. I loves me some evil Primes something fierce, tho.

On the other side, I wonder how many apoplectic Star Wars fans there are today?

Frowny: Oh. I totally agree with you. My Masterpiece Convoy and Masterpeice Ultra Magnus are there towering over my alts.

I was never a fan of turning this into a Prime anyway and so when Takara originally called it Ginrai I was fine with that.

I just really want him to keep him in truck mode.

He's a great truck no matter the color.

Now if I can find a frigg'n Mirage!!!

I would have vastly preferred them making this Trailbreaker and putting out an MP-05 Scourge (with Sword of Fury) but if this is what I get I'll take it. At least he has Scourge-y shoulders.

I'm crying on the inside, i used my one favor from the laws of having a Girlfriend and cashed in my one favor to have her snag me one and she tried all-day since 9 now im primeless and i probly got to do a bunch more stuff for her to get a favor back LOL just make it a regular release please it can't be that hard oh well

Nala: Nope, didn't get through. However...

I've got a program we wrote in house, here at work. It's a simple website health monitor; it pulls up a URL and scans the contents for certain words (i.e. "404").

I'm sure you can see how such an application can be repurposed. :)

I had it running on a once-a-minute schedule; Hasbro seem to be claiming, at present, that the NP was available "very briefly". Very briefly meaning, I would assume, less than minute, as the health monitor was never able to find the "Add to Cart" button - it just flipped from "Coming Soon" to "Out of Stock".

As for Hasbro - the most controversial element of the whole debacle so far doesn't seem to be the actual mess-up so much as the completely contrasting accounts now coming out of the customer service department.

(Not to mention a suggestion by one fellow that you could suceeding in adding an NP to your cart by clicking on the "Coming Soon" button, which is flat-out technically impossible.)

As for my email... hah, Hotmail is buggered anyway. I attached a different address this time, if that's any help. :)

Ah well, least I got mine yesterday, although I had to pay £28 for it, half of that for p&p from Hong Kong. Smashing figure though, as I only want one proper Prime. And that's my MP-01...

Now for Mirage, which'll be impossible to get here in the UK. Unless I pay well over the odds...



JOP: Hah! Yeah. The Coming Soon javascript would do a good job of ordering.

Mark: Mirage impossible in the UK? Hah! He's impossible even in the US!

By impossible, I mean he'll never be sold here! We only get the "better known models of cars..." Probably why there's the rumour of a Jaguar XK-8 Alt going around...


Well, the dust seems to have settled. The story according to the HTS customer service reps seems to be:

* There was a limited quantity of NPs.
* They sold out virtually instanteously.
* Phone orders are being processed now.
* People can expect order confirmation in 48 hours.

Now to be fair, we fans are, fiscally speaking, a drop of water in a great ocean.

Having said that, I was working under the impression that the the online store was, in part, a means of reaching out to the collecting community and older fans.

As a PR exercise, this has been one almighty clusterhug. And still no real word from Hasbro, no statement on the website.

Meanwhile, those buyers that called up and yelled at the service reps appear to be having their orders honoured (allegedly)...

Well, I hear the ebay prices are pretty good right now...

According to Hasbro sez no new alts until 2007. Which I'm assuming are Rumble and the Jaguar. But it gives me plenty of time to find Mirage.

Well, there was mention of a red GT40 in October of this year, named Hot Rodimus...

Whether it's true or not, I've no idea!


Yeah i saw somthing on that is taking pre-orders already for hotrod

HTS seems to have yanked even a listing for Nemesis Prime. That said, it seems Hasbro has a certain amount per day at SDCC to sell.

Here's hoping scalper prices don't go too high.

So, Hot Rod or Mirage, that is the question...



Mirage! Mirage! Mirage!

HAHAHAH!!! You are all teh lame! HAHAHAHA!

/off to download House eps

I thought Rodimus was going to be one of those pederast KISSplay TFs. Every single image I see of the girls included with the TFs from that line just disturbs me.

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