Titanium Series "Cybertron" Megatron


Titanium Series - Cybertron Megatron

He's pretty crappy, much like the others.

I'm thinking he'd probably be at least decent in "galavatron" colors instead of the rainbow hue too.

Number in Collection: 1628


He'd probably look better with the claws and a different pose. what would be cool if they did old school characters from all series not just recent series and story lines maybe a g1 Megs,a Beastwars neo Convoy, and car robots, god magnus

I don't usually expect too much from basics and very peripheral TF things like these guys but there's just something about a lot of these guys that just doesn't do it for me.

I've loved the Beast Wars ones so far but the poses on some of them just don't do it.

I'd imagine this one will end up repainted too since they did that with the Legends of Cybertron version.

I'd love for them to do the Takara Beast Wars LioConvoy and Big Convoy but I doubt they'd be recognizable to most kids.

Then again, I don't know who the target market for these figurines are anyway.

I'm holding out for the 6" transformable ones. Those will hopefully be really nice.

i saw the 6" prime and megatron on remy's page the prime look ok but the meg's didnt look to good i like the look of the Thundercracker myself

Prime does look good.

I can't say I like Megatron's colors.

Thundercracker and Jetfire look ok I guess. I haven't seen them in too much detail.

I was very disappointed when I saw these in person. Very small, oddly posed and the detail is just lacking. No way are these worth the retal price.

If anything these are actually inferior to the PVCs. The level of quality is what you'd expect out of a promotional item like a happy meal or maybe a gumball machine.

I don't really get it--am I supposed to be all excited just because these are "Titanium"? So what?

You know Alex. I think you nailed it with the "happy meal or maybe a gumball machine" vibe.

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