Cybertron Optimus Prime


Cybertron Optimus Prime (repaint of Armada Prime)

Yes. I own 3 Micron Densetsu versions.

Yes. I own 2 Armada versions.

Yes. I own the Universe Ultra Magnus repaint.

And I have him again in perhaps one of the best paint jobs ever.

But did they fix his shoulder that were configured wrong in previous releases?

Number in Collection: 1627


What was wrong with his shoulder?

Not shoulder but whole elbow-to-shoulder I should say.

The elbow joints of the Universe Ultra Magnus repaint are installed wrong and the bot mode arms can't bend right or be posed properly.

You end up having to dissassemble the arms and the pins and rebuilding the figure yourself.

Great quality control on Hasbro's part there.

Some are fixed. Some aren't.

Are you a sealed collector?

Not particularly. I pretty much only keep special pieces or low print run/super expensive import crap in package.

However, at present I'm doing major work on my house so I haven't been able to devote much time or care to The Attic of Loveā„¢ at all.

Things I buy kinda just end up here these days still in the package.

I just picked him up at the local target up here in T.C. but i have to say i love and hate him at the same time. I love the color scheme a lot and the posabillity and the fact they made a low cost prime for kids who cant get the leader class prime but what i dont like was the fact he didnt come with any accessories other than those smokestacks i know the origanls came with a mini con that could make a weapon but how expensive is it to use a old mold of a gun that would fit his hand

I'm curious as to where all the Override minicons for this mold went.

Since there are minicons in Cybertron I don't know why they just didn't include it with this one.

I believe it is on the same tool as the Prime figure.

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