Taint: More Than Meets The Eye


I think there needs to be a custom Micromaster or Minicon named "Taint".

I think that I may need to find a way to rectify this glaring lack of awesomeness soon.


I was hoping they'd make more minicons for Cybertron Soundwave

A Buzzsaw at least. I mean, the Soundblaster repaint at least comes with that.

But I don't know if that shape lends itself to more.

Then again, look at how many insane forms the small cassette shape ended up providing.

I would have liked a Ravage. If they do put out the "Dark" Soundwave I saw protos of I'd probably pick it up just for the Buzzsaw. . . but I am a lame. Not teh Lame, Nala called that already.

The more I think about it, I'd like Taint to be the back end of a vehicle he forms with a Micromaster called Flan.

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