Today's "What The Fuck" auctions...


You have got to be fucking kidding me!

It blows my mind what people put up for auction and the starting bid/buy-it-now prices these people list.

If you are willing to pay $55 for a Star Saber box or $50 for a Star Convoy box then you really do need to seek professional help from a qualified therapist.

Believe me.

If you even think about clicking on the Buy-It-Now buttons for these you have problems.

Even more so since you'll also be paying $10 to have an empty box shipped to your ass!

Oh. And if you think that the $34.99 for this Star Convoy reissue is good you are right. It is fantastic!

The $35.00 shipping charge? Oh the humanity of these people! It fucking blows my mind!


That reminds me, if I can find of these guys fairly cheap at Botcon, I will pick him up. I don't care that he's a brick. He still looks cool.

Plus there is the mini Hot Rod.

I almost plopped down $300 for a near mint (and nice boxed) Victory Saber and $250 for a slightly broker Victory Leo at Iacon One.

If I had I'd still be depressed about dropping that cash today.

He's great combined with other Micromaster bases but pretty underwhelming as a base on his own. (Star Convoy I mean)

But I've had a bootleg of Star Saber and I just don't care. Maybe if they ever reissued him, but at the prices for what you get, bleh. I love me some headmasters (not jr.) but I've always had a WTF reaction to Brainmasters. Well, that and the fact that really, it's just a flying God Ginrai*, and Ginrai's working the Optimus homage thing.

*(Small guy transforms main robot who becomes chest of giant robot made of trailer/boosters, robot chest and helmet. Later gets additional help in the form of a robot who becomes elevator shoes, a jetpack and a big gun.)

That vapor tf of Cybertron megatron i put in the botcon section went for $255 and 55 dollars for a box come on the auction said "Or Best Offer" so offer him a brick to hit himself in the head with

It'll be interesting to see what Botcon actually offers it for. I can't imagine more than $75 but I could see it up to $150.

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