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Um... I got Catscan why???Umm... I dropped $50 for Botcon 2002 Catscan why???

I really liked the packaging and his appearance in print but I just had to open him up and well, he's less than appealing in the flesh (or plastic) as it may be.

I don't know. The dark face/head just doesn't work for me.

Oops! That's gotta suck!Oh. And a funny little side item about BW 10th Megs.

I noticed on his box that there was a sticker over something on the back. It didn't make sense but after peeling it off it appears that the entire box design made it through several quality checks and I'd imagine the other mock-up steps that are typically done with a typo.

This entire first production run of boxes has Predacon spelled wrong on the back.

That's a major no-no in the design/print industry.

Hell. I feel bad when I leave typos in the blog entries..

Well. Maybe not as bad as I should.

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