Still Fuck!


Ok. It is now painfully obvious that Habro had no clue that their site would get traffic like it is.

Everything times out now.


Then again, those of us trying to purchase this damn thing and blogging about not being able to get through are truly showing what losers we are.

I am so The Lame!


How about, those of us trying to purchase the damn thing *and* writing comments to people trying to purchase the damn thing *and* blogging at the same time? :)

Come on Hasbro, it's not that hard to run a webserver. :)

Hah! We are so lame.

Then again I do call it "plastic crack addiction" for a reason.

Hmmm. . .

Sounds like my $17 qualifies as a "no-aggravation" fee. Hasbro is constantly underestimating the rabidity of the fanbase, huh? Or is this because of the Star Wars exclusives?

If the Star Wars ones are excluvsive to the con and online only at Hasbrotoyshop then yeah, that could very well be an impact.

After rading this I made it all the way tot he Nemesis Prime page on with no trouble.

However it appears to be soldout. Availability is listed as "comming soon".

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