I doubt I'll be high bidder for these.


07-25-06-antagony.jpgSo I'm currentlyhigh bidder for a Botcon 1998 Antagony and a Beast Machines Primal Prime, two figures I've wanted for some time.

The Antagony is really high on my list of things I'd like to have. The Primal Prime figure fills that gap for me of the missing Beast Machine Megatron when he took the Optimal Optimus form in the last two episodes of Beast Machines.

I rarely ever win ebay auctions anymore. I'm fairly conservative with what I'll spend on crack these days and I no longer trust ebay auctions like I used to back in the day. So many of the "collectibles" auctions seem to have accounts with low auction wins that come in and seem to jack up the price. These can't be legit.

Oh. And speaking of ebay auctions, it has been over a week now so I'd like to share one that a friend of mine had.

He needed to get rid of some stuff to buy other stuff so he put up the Iacon Beast Wars Disk set he got.

Now understand, he expected maybe to make back what he paid for them.

Over the course of the auction the damn things went to over $300!!! He ended up cancelling the high bids but the thing ended up selling for around $250.

There was no price gouging or anything. People just kept bidding it up. I think there was one of those "low win" bidders but my friend would never artifically escalate a price like that so it had to be a legitimate person.

The few Iacon disk sets that are currently up are in the more reasonable $20-$30 range which is what I'd expect.

Hell. The things were being sold for $25 at the show even.

But man oh man that was one freaky auction to watch.


I hope you win your auctions but your right ebay is quicly becoming a joke especially with auctions like this

ebay link

I Hate AFA

My god! $500??!?!?! For that piece of shit Universe repaint of Armada figrues?!?!?!


Yeah thats damn steep for a piece of plastic. people think because it says AFA they got the right to charge and arm and a leg "in this case throw in a kidney" and they'll recieve that amount

Something like AFA grading only has value if a collectible is extremely old, prone to being fragile, or is very rare.

There are few if any Transformers, regardless of US or Japanese, that qualify for this.

Black Zarak, probably.

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