Shadow Recon Reverb is like buttah!


Shadow Reverb

Damn! I really really really want a Shadow Recon Reverb figure!

He rocks the balls!


Wow, those look really sharp. Even the repaint of Lugnutz looks good. Since they are in the basic price range I will definitely be buying them all.

What the hell is that? Japanese exclusive or something? Or is that one of those lunch-time stolen translucent prototypes from the factory?

No. That's the real Hasbro repaint of these guys!

Sadly, I am also a sucker for translucent plastic.

It's why I don't totally hate BW Quickstrike.

I really should, but I don't.

I only really like it if it is used well.

I think it is nice here since the darker stuff (arms and legs) shows through and accents the translucent wholesomeness of Reverb.

Damn, he's nice. The translucent plastic over the opaque plastic makes for a nice ghosting effect in bot mode, which is something that doesn't happen with either of the translucent Martian Manhunters in the JLU/DC Superheroes line. Thumbs up on this one.

Sweet but does anyone have an extra of the first release i could buy because like a tard i waited and now all i can find are the speed planet minicons

James: I'll keep an eye out.


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