Ugh! One appears!


I so want this.

I mean. I could have the "Holy Grail" piece for only about $1450 and never have to buy another piece of plastic crack again.


In the long run I'd probably save upwards of $10,000 or more over the next 7 or 8 years!


He shore is purty.

I've often thought the same thing-that there's one piece that will finally satisfy my cracky needs to the point I will need no more crack. In my case it seems to be Overlord.

But if that was true, why would the crack metaphor be so appropriate?

Especially when I have things like this to look forward to?

Those are some hot colors i like it. i think that prime mold is one of the best

Frowny: I still haven't warmed up to Masterpeice Starscream yet. I don't know why.

James: The Fire Convoy mold holds a special place for me. The Attic of Love exists today in the sick disgusting state that it does because of the Robots In Disquise line, Omega Prime, and Team Bullet Train.

I love the Fire Convoy mold so much. And the Lucky Draw black and gold version is just the top of the top for me.

Someday... he'll be mine.

I *was* a big fan of the MP Starscream. Until they introduced the new design and the new color scheme. Don't like those tail fins up on the robot thighs. Looks too gundamesque.

His color scheme reminded me of the Binaltechs, in that there's no outward sign of TFness other than the obvious cracks in the surface. Dunno. Doesn't really bug me in that they've changed his color scheme enough times (Armada, The first Energon version, Cybertron) that he doesn't necessarily need to be the perfect G1 balance of red, navy and grey for me to say "that's Starscream." I know MP Prime set the bar high, but MP-02 Magnus looks NOTHING like Ultra Magnus and that kinda dispelled that notion for me.

If another one comes along looking EXACTLY like Starscream I may change my tune, but I doubt it.

You know for some reason i wanna cancel my pre-order for MP Starscream

I think I'll wait until the arrive and start appearing in US online stores. At least that way I can hope to come across a sale.

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