In which plastic crack addicts continue to embarrass me.

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Alternator Optimus PrimeOk. I need to be a hater for a moment.

And I'm gonna hate-on some ebaying insanity.

Case in point: An auction for the forthcoming Optimus Prime alternator, a $19.99 retail toy, that is currently at $103.50 with 2 days to go.

Why the fuck are you people doing this???

This is a mass market toy that will be everywhere! There is no way that this will likely ever be rare or anything.

It is the first of the mold and will no doubt be repainted in the future.

Now I could be totally wrong here but you gotta give Hasbro's distribution system the benefit of the doubt here. They've totally retooled the Alternator distribution and while this may only be 1 per case, that doesn't mean that it won't end up clogging shelves like so many other figures.

Yeah. The original release of Alternator Tracks seemed to be way off and there was an inordinate fan demand the the figure. For the life of me I can't figure out why repaint called "Swerve" seems to all of a sudden be in demand.

Will I buy this Alternator Optimus Prime?


Will he ever be in bot mode?


Personally I think this bot mode is the ugliest Alternators ever created. The way those fenders form the upper arms is so distracting and ugly that I never want to see them.

And that's good because while I don't want the bot I'll be more than happy to add the truck to my collection since so many of the "repaints" are just in alt mode on my selves anyway. It'll give variety to all the sedans.

Based on what Hasbro said at Botcon 2005, this mold ended up being tooled as an Optimus Prime because that's the only way Takara would allow it. There are practically no pick-up trucks in Japan and a truck like this would not sell. However, slapping the Convoy name on it in some shape, way, or form is a guarantee.

So Takara was going to release this as Ginrai and then a black version called Black Convoy. That would meet Takara's demands and Hasbro could get it out.

Of course, Takara merging with Tomy killed so much of Takara's initial plans and now we are left with a really half-ass design that is so not a Prime or Convoy that we'll have to make do.

Maybe there's an Ironhide repaint in the future. Hell. Trailbreaker even!

But it is worth $19.99.

That's it.

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Swerve is in demand because he was only released in one wave, unlike say, Swindle, who had about 8. I myself have only ever seen one Swerve. That's part of the reason some alts go for so much on eBay-there are parts of the country that never see some releases, so some people go crazy on eBay just to have it. I never saw E-Beachcomber or the E-Dinobots in my area, and it took a hell of a long time for Decepticharge to show up. (Not that I'm complaining, really.)

And there are some people out there who just need to be first at anything. There was a guy on tfans who paid $650 for the Primus proto that was floating around, just to be able to show it off. I can understand that on some level, but paying thirteen times the price of something just to have it 8 months in advance is a little beyond me.

But Prime is on my NOT BUY list. What's the point, when the Masterpiece already exists?

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