Let me lure you into looking and then feed you illusions.


Ebay has become worthless.

The "auction" aspect has fallen the wayside for the "store" and "buy it now" items and any excitement has been removed for me. There are no deals to be made anymore and it has become nothing more than a site to whore your wares like any other store.

Hell. Some of the software packages that people use to host their items even manipulate the search results. It is yet another once good thing that is now festering in a quagmire of uselessness.

While there have always been the sellers that have been smoking crack, I've been seeing more and more play essentially manipulate and deceptive games to get you to accidentally buy something.

Case in point: this for sale Galaxy Force EX-02 GF Convoy / Sonic Convoy / Ramble TRU Giftset.

This set was sold in limited quantities in Japanese TRUs only. Each figure is repainted or differs from the general retail component. And Coby's Ramble only comes with the set.

That's fine and all. Nothing wrong there. It is a TRU exclusive.

Now comes the seller deception part.

It really is only found on ebay with $99 or so Buy It Now pricing and about $35 shipping and handling. Most are coming from Japan or Asia so while pricey, that's expected.

Now the auction that really blows my mind is the fact that it entices you with a $24.99 price but charges you $98.80.


So they are basically just getting you to look at the auction from search results of price only to fuck you over with an illusion.

Great. Love it.

If you read my main blog you know how much I love data manipulation and illusions.

These are the kinds of sellers that need red hot pokers shoved up their assholes and then the bleeding wounds filled with cayenne pepper.



Well, that's because (to my knowledge) people are trying to screw eBay more than they're trying to screw their customers. You pay eBay based on the selling price, but eBay gets no cut of shipping costs. So, in order to get the most $$, people charge low price and make up their money on the shipping price. I'm sure a few suckers have fallen for that ploy, but I've done enough on eBay to know you have to read before you bid, no matter what. Anyone who'd be looking for EX-02 knows they won't be getting it with a $25 price tag.

Understand where you are coming from, but wouldn't go so far as to say ebay is useless...there is still no other place on Earth (that I am aware of) that you can find even close to that kind of Transformer selection. If there is somewhere else your recommend for completing a G1 collection, please share.

Ok. Not "useless" per se but practically impossible to actually find a deal or a steal on anything.

It has pretty much become the domain of the Buy It Now stores and other "online store" mentality people and has gone very far away from the roots of an online auction.

I really wish there were other viable alternatives. http://tfauctions.com/ never has amounted to much.

So I had this dream last night that I found two Swerves at some random department store and I bought them both to sell them on Ebay. I'm such a bad person. :)

Hey Alex, where abouts in Cleveland are you?

I actually like the "Buy It Now" option. If you're quick, sometimes you can snatch something that's underpriced. Case in point: I just picked up all 3 volumes of the GI Joe DVDs for $15 each using BIN. The seller obviously didn't realize the market value. Those sets were expensive to begin with, and they've been out of print for many months. They usually sell for $50-60 apiece.

Bay Village-a little West of Cleveland.

I also kind of like BIN- hate getting outbid out the last second.


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