These were shelf cloggers for so long too.

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I'm sorry.

If you would pay $79 for an Alternator Swerve you should be pooped on.

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not sure how they can both be shelf cloggers and extreme short packed, but hey...

I know at least one person who would trade 2 Ricochets for a Swerve.

I remember weeks when I'd find them over and over and over (with Swindles).

I wanna know who the f*ck BOUGHT ALL OF THEM and now are scalping on eBay!

I have to check and see if my Swerve is still sealed when I get home. $74.99????? By it Now??? That's truly insane. If I can get someone to pay me that much for that figure, its all his.

is there any reason that swerve is that much? sorry for the long delay but I havent checked online until the last week or so for optimus and mirage. now i notice the swerve is going for $40-$75 online. just wondering if there was anything special about the figure.

I remember with the Robots in Disguise line storm jet was hard to find for awhile.

All I can think is that from a "collector" stand point, nobody initially wanted a 6th reissue/retool/repaint of the Corvett since 5 versions of the corvette mold had already been released (Orignal Binaltech Yellow Tracks, Orignal Binaltech Blue Tracks, Orignal Binaltech Ravage, Orignal Hasbro Blue Tracks, and Orignal Hasbro Ravage).

Swerve as a character was so extremely minor in the G1 days that he didn't exactly have a fan following to warrant picking him up either.

So he clogged the shelves for a while and they eventually sold to children.

I don't think there was a huge run of them either. There was no Binaltech Swerve and so there's no "duplicate" in terms of release.

Well. Momentum seemed to build and eventually now a lot of people who passed on them want one now.

Yeah. RID Storm Jet was the same way. I never actually saw one in retail. I think that he was also only available at Kay-Bee too, which is extremely limited as an outlet, even moreso now that so many have closed.

I'm wondering if Alternator Rollbar will be of similar demand. In the Columbus, OH market there have been only a few of them appearing and even I haven't actually seen one. Giga purchased one for me that he came across and that was months ago.

Currently, there are few on ebay and most seem to be in the UK.

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