Delurk! Delurk! Delurk! Delurk!


According to Scipio, apparently it is Delurking Week in the blogosphere.

Now surprisingly, my main blog gets more Transformer results than this due to the overall 7 years of content and terms that are buried in the blog and other pages from the previous hosting days.

So. In honor of Delurking Week, if you tend to lurk here, please leave a comment just to let me know you live. Leave a comment is you are a Transformers fan. I'd love to read more Transformer fan blogs and less message board conent so let me know if you exist!!!

Oh. And while I don't apologize, if you ended up here because of searching about "crack whores" and other drug-related net searches you'll be sorely disappointed.


Well, at least your site doesn't come up when people search for "Onion Booty" or "Bum Fights." Thank the Lord for small mercies. . .

I read this site through the rss feed using Google Reader.

Greetings Ramen Junkie! I was wondering who read the rss feeds since I see them accessed quite a bit.

Frowny: I just find it so funny that so many end up here when looking up crack addiction. Of course, that's expected.

But you'll be happy to know that 3 people did searches for "Grandus" and ended up here.

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