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Not sure if the comment was from the real Michael Chain or not but I approved it anyway.

Not sure who Michael Chain is? Here's my post from last year.

And while Mr. Palochi's comment on Mr. Chain's hair in that photo, all I have to say is many of us have had the hair.

Michael Chain's Red Alert is still da bomb! And while I'm not a huge fan of the character, you gotta admit Powerglide is far more memorable due to his voice acting in the role than a lot of characters in the old TF show.


My friends and I are obsessed with Powerglide much like we are with Jek Porkins and the regrettable slice of '80s cinema called Bachelor Party. We think he's friggin' hilarious. Hell, he and Tracks would be totally worthless as characters without those awesome Massachusetts accents.


You've been anointed. That's so awesome. :)

"hard ten"

Now you know where my mind is.

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