is now mine! A little late.


There is nothing new in the world of my plastic crack addiction. At least toy-wise.

However, finally expired from the squatter that had it and I was able to quickly register it finally.

That was the original domain I had wanted for this site but had to settle for a dot-net. Since was a "freebie" domain when I got my hosting I'm not confident in it ever being fully transferred to me so I made point to and will have that forever should problems arise.

S'all about the plastic crack addiction don'tchaknow!


"I'm not confident..." yadda yadda...

You are registrant, billing, admin, and technical contact. It is yours. Transfer registration to a different registrar if you wish. It won't hurt anything.

I haven't understood why you get so messed up over this (and I've read your reservations about it several times.)

I think you should sell tshirts that just have on them at this year's Botcon. :D

Nah. I'm not much of a whore.

And this is a lame blog anyway.

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