Thunderblast. You poor thing. You suck!

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In the past line Energon we got Arcee and in Cybertron we get another female Cybertronian in the form of Thunderblast.

Alas, unlike Arcee, Thunderblast has a lot to be desired.

Cybertron Thunderblast Alt Mode

Alt Mode

Thunderblast has a gun boat-ish alt mode with a small gun on the front, her main weapon mounted on top, and her missiles attached to the sides.

Surprisingly, I like this boat-thing a lot. She's got an Energon Mirage vibe due to the boat thing and makes a decent boat. Her translucent yellow missiles work well since her windshield is also of the same translucent yellow and they make good accents.

Her "bot weapon" is a bit too massive and takes up about 2/3 of the size of her boat mode which makes her a bit unbalanced to the eye in my opinion.

Cybertron Thunderblast Bot Mode

Bot Mode

Thunderblast (TB) falls apart here.

Basically TB is a shell-former but even more so than the RID Autobot brothers. She's sort of a cross between them but mostly a G1 Pretender without the additional bot alt mode.

You pop open her "hull" which forms wingish kibble and her bot body is just there for the world to see. It is kind of vaguely sexual in a "looks like and ancient earth mother pose". I guess it does to me. Others probably wouldn't see it (link at left). The legs just fold onto the hull in a very vaginal-shaped thingie which I just find funny. Ok. I'm too influenced by anthropology and patterns. Ack!

She's not much to look at. Her legs are really long and out of proportion with the body. The boat shell just hangs off her back and the flip out parts are sort of winglike I suppose.

Her gun is just massive. If you think it was big on the boat than it is just enourmous when she's holding it.


Two words: The lame.


Her force chip goes into the gun causes it to pop open, allowing one of the missiles to be inserted and fired. Thankfully you can put the chip in without too much hassle so it doesn't activate the gimmick.

Color Palette

TB's color palette is her strongest thing going. Mostly a 2 dark purples some lighter teal/blue, and gold with a bit of silver here and there. Consistent and nice with the addition of the translucent yellow plastic for missiles and windshield.


I can't say I'm happy with her. She's different. That much is certain. David Willis does a good job of summing up her femininity better than I could.

I find myself imagining how to improve her. I don't do that often with the plastic crack.

I think I want to like her more.

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