Cybertron Swerve and Swindle... repaints ahoy!

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Ok. I'm gonna flat out say it: I loves me this Clocker repaint known as Swerve!

Mr. McBeard says "Swerve looks like the Batmobile for Alpha Flight" and that's true. He does. And I love it! (If Marvel owned it he'd be definitely done as Guardian's transforming vehicle in that mechamorph shit crapfest.)

Once again I think it is because of the simple color palette. I like the silver exhaust pipes. I like the huge black windshield. I'm not a fan of the huge autobot symbol on the hood but hey, I can't win everytime.

Swindle is a repaint of Hardtop and to me looks like a knock-off Transformer. The plastic even feels sort of knock-off-ish.

If he had black rubber wheels I'd probably like him a helluva lot better. I mean, as a vehicle he's suppose to have wheels that help him blend in as a "robot in disguise" so brown doesn't cut it. Ever!

Why Hasbro just didn't call him Beachcomber, color him blue and grey like the G1 Beachcomber who was the first TF dune buggy, and call it a day is beyond me. Kids wouldn't care and collectors who tend to like G1 shit would buy it as an homage. So I'm laying bets on this being a 2006 or 2007 Botcon exclusive.

Cybertron Swerve: Yay!

Cybertron Swindle: Meh!

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