Oh Brimstone, did a retarded 5 year old paint you?

I had such high hopes for you when I saw the original unofficial pics of Galaxy Force Terra Shaver's unpainted prototype.

There was something about you, without any idea of your scale, with just solid grey/green plastic that just made you appealing.

Alas, your final Hasbro product color just leaves me meh. But I do love your sculpt/mold.

Brimstone Alt Mode

Alt Mode

Brimstone has a pteradon-ish alt mode that in itself isn't bad. No crappy kibble hanging off and such. Pretty solid really. It does suck that his bot head is just kind of there hanging out pushed down into the body but that's pretty much a common occurence with the past few lines.

But the colors. *sigh* The colors suck. More on that later.

Brimstone Bot Mode

Bot Mode

Other than not having proper "hands", I like Brimstone's bot mode. It has a Beast Wars Depth Charge vibe going on though this is not intentional.

I love his head but the detail gets lost in the paint job. Of course, more on that later.


Simple. Alt mode "claws" become bot arms and "hands". Hips transform and beast head becomes left leg and his tail/ass becomes the right leg. Head pops out of the beast back.

Color Palette

Ugh! Where do I begin.

Why oh why does Hasbro feel that it is a good thing to have so many colors on a transformer? I think I could 7. Maybe 8 or 9 if you count the areas where paint masks bleed and form a sorta-kinda gradient.

And his wings are done in a translucent greent plastic too so that theoretically is a different color.

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

There was a simple beauty to the original prototype solid color. Of course, I can't find any images anymore of those so I can't describe it.

I'm a fan of 2 major colors and perhaps 2 detail colors at most. This is as close to organic color that one can get. Items in reality, due to chemicals, rarely have more than a few colors. There are exceptions of course in nature but it is rare. (How many colors does an unclothed human body have?)

Ok. Even major large-scale things humans create tend to be fairly simple in coloring too.

I guess it is the anthropologist in me that likes the simplicity of the color palettes.

Brimstone fails in this respect.

We've got yellow, orange, dark green, translucent plastic green, blue-green, gold-green, grey-green, and just a bit of black. That's too much!

I think if he had more organic and natural colors, limited to 2 or 3, he'd rock the balls!


Shove the force chip in his ass and blades come out of his wings.

Yeah. Joy. Great.

At least it doesn't distract from the bot or alt mode really.


Good mold. Way too much color. Who gives a shit about the gimmick.

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