Oh to be emancipated from cracky enslavement.


Went and had breakfast with Kelmeister and Mr. P. this morning. Was very good to see them.

Then went out on a toy run to the northwest side on tips from Evebird about new crack.

And yes! Scored!

KayBee had the Micromaster Trainbots exclusives and WeBeToys had the Starscream/Vector Prime exclusive 2 Pack in so I snagged me some goodness.

There were no Alternator Prowls anywhere to be found.



Sup with all the exclusivity in that industry? Why must they always exclude? Inclusion is where it's at, I say.

It is all about trying to drive traffic to a store for a unique thing and hoping the customer will buy something else.

With TFs it is a pain in the ass since not all the stores that decide to have exclusives are actually in every state or city so it is a pain in the ass.

I've got my secret Florida connection for my CostCo exclusives.

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