TRU Exclusive Starscream/Vector Prime 2-Pack


October 22, 2005 - TRU Exclusive Starscream / Vector Prime 2 Pack

It has been a helluva long time since I bought so much plastic crack on a toy run around Cowtown but I also snagged the Toys R Us Exclusive 2 Pack of Starscream and Vector Prime.

This is the only domestic release of the smaller Starscream mold and it is substantially different in color palette compared to the larger one and the Takara release. Vector Prime, from what I can tell, is the same white one as the rest of the Hasbro released single-packs.

It is a nice set. It would have been nice if it was about $5-7 cheaper but hey, these are the kind of sized bots I wish the Botcon exclusives would be. (And Botcon 2006 should repaint this smaller Starscream mold as Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Sunstorm. Hell. This one looks more colored like Thrust than Starscream even.)

I never intended to buy the Habsro Vector Prime since I already have the superior Takara grey/gold version. This one just looks too washed out. His minicon Safeguard still rocks the balls though. He's one of the best minicon designs ever and definitely blends in well with Vector Prime.

Vector Prime has a lot of cheaper plastic on him too. His sword and alt mode "wings" are flimsier than the Takara one. I'd read about the flimsy sword issue and it is sad since it is a nice mold.

Starscream on the whole is great. It is a nice color scheme but I would have named him Thrust since this palette is more of a G1 Thrust homage.

All in all a nice 2 pack.

Numbers in Collection: 1451-1456.


I thought the same thing about Starscream, but one of my friends pointed out to me that not only is it basically just the GF color scheme reversed, it's also sort of the colors of Armada Starscream.

So are his blades rubberized too?

You know. I'm not sure. I'll have to check.

Vector Prime's sword and wings are pretty rubbery. Sucks.

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