KB Exclusive Micromaster Trainbots

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October 22, 2005 - KB Exclusive Trainbots

My oh my what a cracky day here in the Cowlands.

On a tip from Evebird I headed to KB Toyworks and lo and behold the Micromaster Trainbot Combiners were finally released.

This is the first domestic release of the Takara SixTrain mold here in the States and other than the inappopriately named Swindle, used for the left leg component, I can't find fault in these guys.

Yeah. At $3.99/each they are a bit pricey considering it takes 6 of them to merge into Rail Racer but I do likes me some Micromasters.

Since they are an exclusive I bought one to open and one to keep mint-on-card for the future of the collection. Store exclusives are the only time I will be buying duplicates of any retail Transformers. I learned my addiction issues with Energon and Armada and thankfully won't have that problem again. I still have extras to get rid of.

Numbers in Collection: 1439-1450.

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