There's not a whole lotta crack I want.

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Man oh man I've lost all the plastic crack auctions I've been trying to get.

The Botcon 2003 Hotel Exclusive Sunstreaker ended up going for $77 which is about $40 more than I want to pay (for a repaint, no matter how rare it is). The Micromaster bases are going for more than I am willing to pay so I've lost all of those.

I should have raided Mr. E.'s PVCs for the ones I needed since I haven't had any luck winning an Alpha Trion, Devestator, or the other 2 conehead seekers I'm missing.

I've decided the September Botcon trip will be about completing my Takara PVCs, getting the Beast Machines show appearing characters, and maybe other miscellaneous things since there's not much I need. Perhaps I should just buy some of the E-Hobby exclusives too. I want a few of them.

Anyway, that's like 5 weeks away.

I've got to get more concerned about finishing the house and finalizing the entree menu for the potluck. I wanted something better than burgers and dogs.

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